KAZRISā„¢ is a radiology management software. It helps the healthcare enterprise organize and manage patient radiological information. The hospital handles significant amount of patient information which ranges from registration information to reports and images. Day-to-day handling of such information comes with great challenges including inefficient archival, retrieval and distribution of information, and space challenges. With KAZRIS, all of these can be met.

KAZRIS is an advanced Radiology Information System (RIS) software suite that helps the radiology department organize, secure, archive, retrieve, distribute patient information effectively and handle patient billing.

KAZRIS creates a folder for each patient wherein every necessary information about the patient is entered. Each patient folder further includes information about who has handled the patient at various times, as well as the report that was made at each time. 

Very importantly, KAZRIS makes it possible that this patient report can be e-mailed to any medical personnel at whatever location in the world. With this feature, there is no question of carrying paper folder from one place to another. Nor is there the question of loss of documents or reports since KAZRIS backs up information in its database which can be restored at any time.

Another added advantage of using KAZRIS is its highly sensitive security system, as well as its "Search" feature. With this feature, one can easily search and find any information in the database without having to scroll through the entire system. Just simply type a key-word, and there you are!

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